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Plant Growth Regulator

Mepiquat chloride

Chemical Name:  1,1-dimethylpiperidinium chloride

Formula: C7H16ClN

Molecular Weight:  149.66

CAS No.: 24307-26-4

Structural formula of mepiquat chloride
Appearance: White to slight yellow crystalline solid.
Melting Point: 223°C.
Decomposition Point: 285°C.
Vapour Pressure: 10mPa(20°C).
Stability: Solubility in gram in every 100g solvent at 20°C. Water; >100g; Ethanol: <16.2g; Acetone, ether, ethyl acetate, cyclohexame and olive oil:<0.1g. Stable to heat.
Specification:  98%TC, 98%SP, 25%AS
This product is kind of plant growth retardant.It mostly restrain the biosynthesis of gibberellic acid inside crops when being absorbed by leaves and roots.In this way it can restrain the elongation of cell, stay the growth of nutrition;Make plants shorter and increase content of chlorophyll.This also increases assimilation of leaves and adjusts distribution of outcome inside plants.


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