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Plant Growth Regulator


Chemical Name:  
IUPAC: (2-chloroethyl)trimethylammonium
CAS: 2-chloro-N,N,N-trimethylethanaminium

Formula: C5H13ClN

Molecular Weight:  122.6

CAS No.: 7003-89-6

Structural formula of chlormequat
Appearance: Coloudess, extremely hygroscopic crystals, with a weak intrinsic odour.
Melting Point: 235°C.
Vapour Pressure:<0.01mPa(20°C).
Solubility:  In water >1 kg/kg (20°C). In ethanol 320, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, n hexane <0.1, acetone 0.2, chloroform 0.3 (all in g/kg, 20°C).
Stability: Extremely hygroscopic; aqueous solutions are stable. Decomposes at 245 °C. KowlogP: -1.59 (pH 7)
Specification:  98%TC, 80%SP, 50%SL
It is used in cotton, wheat, rice, corn, tobacco, fruit trees and various kinds of earthnut crop to promote the plants growth or tube augment.


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